Nintendo CSR Report 2017 now available in English


At Nintendo, we have thus far provided fresh and fun surprises to make everyone we interact with smile. This policy will remain unchanged as we move forward; we want to provide people throughout the world with new and fun experiences that they have never had before.

Nintendo Switch was launched in March 2017 as a new platform that is a home console video game system and is also portable, enabling users to have fun anywhere. Nintendo Switch includes gameplay styles and game content that our fans have not previously experienced with Nintendo games. It also includes various ideas that enable people to instantly enjoy themselves even if they have not yet played video games. An example of this would be 1-2-Switch, a game exclusive to Nintendo Switch that was released on the same day as the system launch. In this game, two players face off by looking each other in the eye, instead of watching the game screen. New forms of communication are created as each player tries to predict the other’s moves through their gestures and the looks on their faces. Although the origins of 1-2-Switch can be traced back to Hanafuda (traditional Japanese playing cards with flower motifs) and the decks of four-suit playing cards that Nintendo has made from the beginning, 1-2-Switch offers a completely new type of gaming experience that fully utilizes Nintendo’s unwavering strengths.

Check out the full report here

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