Warren Spector to Provide PAX Dev 2017 Keynote


SEATTLE – August 10, 2017 – Warren Spector, the visionary game designer renowned for his work on the Deus Ex, Thief, System Shock, Ultima, Wing Commander and Epic Mickey series, will deliver the keynote address at PAX Dev 2017.

Spector has made major contributions in his near-three decades as part of the game industry, which include revolutionizing how creators intertwine player choice within narrative. In his current role as Studio Director at OtherSide Entertainment, Spector is helming development on System Shock 3 and Ultima Underworld spiritual successor Underworld Ascendant.

Founded in 2011, PAX Dev continues to grow as one of the industry’s leading events for game developers to elevate their craft, providing a forum to learn, share and debate with other industry professionals.

Beyond the keynote, PAX Dev will feature more than 60 panels featuring industry luminaries, including “Monetization Roundtable: Putting a Value on Context” from Plants vs. Zombies Heroes and Magic: The Gathering senior designer Nate Heiss, Disruptor Beam product manager Alex Angel’s “Managing Exploitation and Cheating in Online Games” and Facebook data scientist Nick Perry’s “Players Who Are Payers.” For the full schedule, visit the PAX Dev site.

Badges for PAX Dev 2017, taking place August 29-30 at the Seattle Westin Hotel, are currently on sale via the event’s registration page. Two-Day passes run $399, while Student Two-Day passes cost $265. PAX Dev is a press-free event.

The consumer facing PAX series of shows – West, East, South, Australia and Unplugged – produced by ReedPOP in conjunction with Penny Arcade, comprise some of the world’s largest gaming festivals, with each event entertaining tens of thousands of guests. The PAX events connect leading video game and tabletop developers directly to passionate audiences, providing a space where gaming culture is celebrated through panels, demos, concerts, tournaments and freeplay sessions.

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