Decks to Watch For at Pokemon World Championships 2017


After a year full of incredible Pokémon competitions all over the world, the 2017 Championship Series season will culminate in Anaheim, CA, at the 2017 Pokémon World Championships. Players from all over the world will be battling in a three-day competition for more than $500,000 in prizes, including a $25,000 top prize in the Pokémon TCG events. It’s an invitation-only event, which means the competitors at the World Championships earned their chance to be crowned World Champion by performing well at tournaments throughout the season.

After the thrilling results from the North American International Championships, players had a pretty good idea of what decks to expect in the metagame. But that might change with the addition of a brand-new expansion: Sun & Moon—Burning Shadows. With over 140 new cards being added to the Standard format, something is bound to change. To help you follow along with our live stream on, here are some of the strategies you might see at the upcoming Pokémon TCG World Championships.

Full feature here

from GoNintendo

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