Bite Me Cutie: A tasty, kawaii card game on Kickstarter


Bite Me Cutie
“Bite Me Cutie” is a new card game on Kickstarter designed & created by YouTuber Thien Vuong, also known as “RealTDragon”. The game is a combination of pop culture, Japanese anime, adorable animals, and food! Filled with 100+ cards, Bite Me Cutie contains chibi animals that meet delicious foods only to be fused together to make a collectible “Cutie.” Compete with 2-8 friends for a fun competitive game that’ll make your friends into enemies, and your allies into foes!

Bite Me Cutie has been demonstrated and tested at conventions around the U.S. prior to its Kickstarter launch. It’s a fun and fast-paced game focused on collecting cuties and trapping other’s cutie back and forth. Feed them, collect them, and buff them!

The game contains 3 separate decks: the cutie deck, the flavor deck, and the effect deck. The Cutie deck contains kawaii-style cutie cards you collect. The flavor deck contains food bites to feed and collect the cuties you want. The effect deck has trap and buff cards to save your cuties from harm, or keep other players from collecting cuties they want!

There are numerous references to pop-culture icons throughout the card game, ranging from popular heroes like Batman and The Flash to retro games like Earthworm Jim. My personal favorite is the character “Sweet Jaws” which is a reference to the film “JAWS.” Can you find them all?

Bite Me Cutie is for all ages and is easy to learn for a quick play through. Fun to play with your family, at anime or comic conventions, or with a group of friends at school. Feed your favorite Cuties, protect them, and fight for more!

Help them bring this game to life by viewing their Kickstarter, sharing, and backing. Happy collecting!

You can support by visiting the Kickstarter link right here at:

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