Mario Kart Arcade GP VR – new gameplay details, more pics


Check out more pics here

– race as Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, and Peach
– 4-player
– Bowser and Wario appear as NPCs
– play by wearing VR goggles, headphones, and Vive trackers on each hand
– right hand controls the acceleration, and the left hand has the brake
– track on display is one from Mario Kart Arcade Grand Prix
– handle has force feedback, and the seat also rumbles
– 3 items: Banana, Hammer, and Green Shell
– items are floating on balloons mid-way, and can be obtained by raising your hands to grab them
– throw items towards in-front, behind, and all different directions around you
– track elements include Piranha Plants on the side, a Thwomp falling from above, and a Bob-omb crossing the road
– track will change from a flooded area to a red hot area that resembles Bowser’s Castle
– includes a section where racers can glide mid-air
– races are balanced so that nobody gets to greatly surpass others
– no time records or rank placements at the end of the game

from GoNintendo

via Blogger


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