Ratalaika talks upcoming Switch/3DS ports


A portion of a 4cr interview with Ratalaika…

4cr: Now that both games are out on Switch, what other projects is the team working on porting? Any internal IP you can talk about as well?

R: We currently don’t have any internal IP in development to speak of, but we are hard at work on porting other games! Right now we’re working on some Nintendo Switch and 3DS ports, as well as on others for PS Vita and PS4.

Some of them have already been announced, as is the case for Peasant Knight and 0000. League of Evil we’ll be sending to certification very son. There’s also The Count Lucanor for which we were at Gamelab Barcelona a few weeks ago!

4cr: That’s a lot of games in development! Do you have any potential release dates for these new games on Nintendo consoles?

R: League of Evil is going into certification, so we hope to release that one very late in July or early August. It will probably release first for Nintendo Switch, followed by the 3DS and PS4/Vita version a few days later. We hope this is a title that gamers like since it includes a level editor with cross-share enabled between all four consoles!

It’s still too early to talk about the potential release dates for the other games we’re working on, especially since some of them are currently unannounced, so it’s up to the publishers.

from GoNintendo

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