Fire Emblem Warriors – more screens, art and details


List of new characters
Male Robin (voiced by Yoshimasa Hosoya): a Tactician, who uses magic tomes in battle
Lissa (voiced by Kana Asumi): a Cleric, who uses an axe in battle
Frederik (voiced by Ono Daisuke): a Great Knight, who uses an axe in battle (while riding a horse)
Lucina (voiced by Yuu Kobayashi): a Lord, who uses the Falchion in battle.

Additional details

– the various characters is that they can only use one type of weapon in battle
– details about that scene from the Japan Expo 2017 trailer, where Chrom is envelopped in a mysterious blue aura, which is then sucked into the Shield of Flames
– five holes on that shield, and it looks like orbs can be placed into each one
– Lyanna and Rowan decide to go search for the remaining Orbs, accompanied by the various Heroes from the Fire Emblem series
– various Heroes share a bond
– when two characters fight side by side, their bond deepens. After a while, their bond levels up, once it’s reached a certain level
– when that happens, a special Bond conversation (similiar to the Support Conversations from past Fire Emblem games) commences
– these scenes are fully voiced

More screenshots and art over here!

from GoNintendo

via Blogger


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