Voice of Fire Emblem: Echoes’ Silque on connecting with the character


A portion of a Nintendo Life interview with voice actor, Bonnie Gordon…

NL: Did you identify with Silque at all as you were recording her lines?

BG: I do like that even though she’s very religious and very down-to-earth, she still has her snarky “Excuse me?” kind of lines, and puts men who hit on her in their place. I wouldn’t say ‘witty’, maybe, but she’s very smart in her responses, and I love that about her. There’s a difference between being witty and wise, and she’s definitely a bit of both.

It’s funny, too, because it was so long ago that I recorded these voices — I recorded all of Silque’s lines, maybe last year? But this was one of the fastest turnarounds I’ve seen in a game, so I’m lucky that some of those are still fresh in my mind! Usually when people ask “Oh what was it like saying this line?” I’ll think “I recorded that two years ago, I don’t even remember saying it!”

Full interview here

from GoNintendo

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