Power Pros, a podcast staffed by former Nintendo Power writers, hits 100 episodes


San Bruno, CA, July 13, 2017 — The makers of Power Pros podcast are pleased to announce that the 100th episode of their Nintendo-centric audio publication is now available to download for video game fans all over the world. Launched in 2015, Power Pros is the only Nintendo-enthusiast media outlet created by former staffers of the legendary Nintendo Power magazine as a way to carry on the tradition of passionate, insightful, entertaining Nintendo coverage.

Every week, listeners are provided with discussions of recent Nintendo news, impressions of the latest Switch and Nintendo 3DS game releases, and information about Nintendo-related merchandise, as well as a weekly “big topic” that may cover anything from the latest industry trends to debates about classic Nintendo systems. And, of course, there’s always time for a dramatic reading! To celebrate the podcast’s origins, the 100th episode provides a unique look at Nintendo Power, with the questions provided by the listeners themselves.

“I’m thrilled that we’ve made it to 100 episodes,” says Power Pros host “The Hoff” Chris Hoffman, former Nintendo Power senior editor. “We never had the opportunity to produce an official podcast while NP was still active, but I’m happy if we’ve kept some of that spirit alive with Power Pros. I’m incredibly thankful to the thousands of listeners that have followed us for the last 100 episodes and I hope they’ll keep listening for the next 100 and beyond.”

“The Hoff” is joined by a revolving cast of co-hosts, which has included former Nintendo Power personalities Pete Michaud and Andy Myers (who also contributed the podcast’s theme song), in addition to former G4 producer Scott Moschella and Player One Podcast hosts Ethan Einhorn and “CJ” Chris Johnston. Though completely independent, unofficial, and unaffiliated, Power Pros aims to deliver an upbeat, informed look at Nintendo gaming that’s possible only from years of experience working closely with one of the biggest forces in gaming.

New episodes of Power Pros are published almost every week, and can be obtained via both iTunes (http://ift.tt/2t8QphW) and Google Play (http://ift.tt/2tRQVOm), plus it can be found on the web at http://ift.tt/2t8Q1zX. You can also keep up with the podcast on Twitter at @PowerProsPod and on Facebook at http://ift.tt/2tRpgNj.

from GoNintendo

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