Fire Emblem Warriors – Japan Expo demo info (possibility of dual English/Japanese dub)


The following info comes from the Japan Expo demo of Fire Emblem Heroes.

Story info

– the twins live peacefully in their kingdom until a dragon attacks, forcing them to leave the kingdom
– the twins turn to Fire Emblem heroes to help get their kingdom back


– playable characters were Robin, Lissa, Corrin and Lucina


– fights with a tome and makes lightning spheres as a normal attack
– you can change his spells for strong attack
– he can create fire, falling thunder lasers, wind blades, and a magic circle that makes him levitate
– he can also summon a giant purple sphere and a lightning vortex
– for special attacks, he uses the Levin Sword


– fights with a sword
– same moves as in Awakening, except for one attack where she uses a bow of light to attack


– swings her axe like a twirling baton, and sometimes turns with to grapple with the enemy
– sometimes ends her attacks with thunder magic with her staff
– healing effects gives you a visible radius to show you how far your spell will reach


– appears as a boss
– fights with an axe
– rides on a horse

Voice acting

– demo was English dubbed with Japanese dub for the intros
– demo supervisor says the final game will let you choose if you want full English or Japanese dub

from GoNintendo

via Blogger


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