Super Mario Maker level creator has spent 1,500 hours trying to beat his own creation


You’re looking at a trailer for Trials of Death, a user-created level in Super Mario Maker. The creator of the level is ChainChompBraden, and he’s spend a ridiculous amount of time on his creation. As you most likely know, you can’t upload a level to Super Mario Maker until you beat it yourself. ChainChompBraden made such a tough level that he’s spent 1,500 hours trying to beat it, and it still hasn’t happened.

“When I began, I knew this would be a long journey, but even I wasn’t expecting it to turn into this long of a grind. A lot of people wonder how I have the patience for this and one of the most helpful things is that I never go into a session thinking ‘Today is going to be the day’ or ‘I’ll have this done by this point in time.'”

Hopefully one day we’ll all get to try ChainChompBraden’s creation. Until then, he’s going to keep trying his best to tackle his own monster.

from GoNintendo

via Blogger


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