NIS president talks future Switch support (ports/new games), favorite games and more


The following comes from Sohei Niikawa, president of Nippon Ichi Software…

Disgaea amiibo possibilities

We would love to make a Disgaea amiibo. Let’s get a petition going! We’ll 1 million signatures! Hopefully that will get Nintendo on board.

On the next Disgaea game hitting Switch

Most likely… We want as many people to play our games so we would love to release our games on as many platforms at the same time as possible.

Thoughts on Switch in general

I really like the Switch too and of course I own one as well.

On the potential of past Disgaea games coming to Switch

Currently we don’t have any plans to release past Disgaea games on the Switch, but if things go well with Disgaea 5 Complete, this is definitely something we would like to look into.

On non-NIS games he enjoys

Fire Emblem Fates on 3DS. The old Neo Geo games on Switch.

On his favorite RPG

I always play the new Fire Emblem games!

On a port of Makai Kingdom: Chronicles of the Sacred Tome for Switch

Since it’s an older title, it may be a little harder. I would count the Nintendo Switch out, though. As well as, PC (Steam). That being said, I’m not guaranteeing anything.

On Witch and the Hundred Knight 2 coming to Switch

We always want to explore all the options, so yes there is a chance.

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