Bulb Boy dev on why they brought the game to Switch, future project could hit Switch as well


A portion of a Nintendo Life interview with developer Bulbware…

NL: At what point did you decide to bring Bulb Boy to the Switch, and can you talk about the experience of working with Nintendo to be registered as a developer on the system?

B: Nintendo has irresistible charm and it’s our personal platform of choice. It felt like magic when it came to us that we are really going to be able to see our game on this platform. Porting from PC to Switch was a wonderful trip and we have to say, we were the first Polish developers that had a chance to release a game on this platform. So it’s officially a historical event!

NL: Finally, how do you feel about releasing your debut game on Nintendo hardware, and do you hope to bring future projects to the Switch?

B: Today is our release so there are plenty of mixed feelings in the air. We hope that people will like our shiny little child. We definitely want to bring our future project to Switch as well!

from GoNintendo

via Blogger http://ift.tt/2sROoBC


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