Fire Emblem Heroes – content update for July 3, upcoming updates


July 3
– War of the Clerics Voting Gauntlet rewards are now available
– Resonating Fangs Tempest Trials Summoning Focus available, includes the characters: Alm, Mae, Boey, and Faye. This focus will be available until July 21

July 4
– third set of weekly Special Quests for the Arena will be live on July 4, available until July 11
– latest set of Arena Bonus Heroes is going to be available: Gaius (Summer), Frederick (Summer), Robin (Summer), Tiki (Summer), Peri, Sakura, Sophia, Gunter

July 5
– big version 1.5.0 will be available

July 6
– new type of event will go live: the Hero Bond Battles
– special battles where you have defeat a duo of characters who share a strong bond
– first one is Alm and Celia from Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia
– clearing those battles allow you to get Orbs, but you cannot get the characters themselves

July 7
– second Tempest Trials event, called Resonating Fangs, will go live

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