Tank Troopers originally had online play, but Nintendo had it removed


Our friends at SourceGaming had an interview with Giles Goddard, former Nintendo Employee, Vitei Games CEO. For those who don’t know, Vitei was involved with the creation of Tank Troopers.

Within that interview, we find out that Vitei originally included online play for Tank Troopers. As you probably know, online play wasn’t included in the final game…so what happened? According to Mr. Goddard, Nintendo asked Vitei to remove the online component from the game. Seems that Nintendo didn’t want to commit to testing and development time, and due to time constraints, the feature was removed. Goddard does say that the project was ahead of schedule, so he can only offer up those points as speculation as to why online play was cut. Thanks to Nirbion for the heads up!

from GoNintendo

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