Deep Blue Sea Sequel Swimming to Syfy



Deep Blue Sea

Deep Blue Sea: Belated shark sequel shooting now in Cape Town for Syfy

Well, love them or loathe them, Syfy’s obnoxious Sharknado movies and Roger Corman’s Sharktopus flicks have helped usher in a shark movie renaissance, their goofball charms managing to birth a few serious minded mainstream shark shockers like last year’s The Shallows and the recent 47 Meters Down. Still, Steven Spielberg’s Jaws has nothing to worry about. It’s still the best shark horror movie ever made, though in 1999, director Renny Harlin tried to revive shark genre madness and de-throne Jaws with his sci-fi romp Deep Blue Sea. It was a nice try, no cigar, but the film was still a big, surprise hit, with some great performances by Sam Jackson and Thomas Jane and a few choice set pieces that provided maximum frissons.

Now, 18 years later, Moviehole and Bloody Disgusting have alerted the world to the existence of a Deep Blue Sea sequel (Warners was supposed to make one back in 2008) that’s shooting under the watchful eye of director Darin Scott, the producer of the brilliant Tales from the Hood (read our review here) and starring Michael Beach (Aquaman). The belated follow-up is shooting in Cape Town as we speak and the lunatics at Syfy are behind it.

We don’t know the name of the film yet but I’d say Deep Blue Sea 2 is a safe bet.

Moviehole describes the plot like this: Dr Klaus Van Etten is experimenting on bull sharks, much to the chagrin of Misty and her team of marine experts. The sharks get out, of course, and all hell breaks loose.

Yeah, Jaws is still safe.

How about you readers? Two fins up for a Deep Blue Sea-quel, or…?



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