Nintendo/Ubisoft on Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle – collaboration details, Ubisoft praise for Nintendo/Switch


Coming from an IGN interview with Shigeru Miyamoto and Ubisoft’s Yves Guillemot…

SM: I’ve known Yves for 25 years and we’ve worked a lot together and in recent years, even some of the software that Ubisoft has put out has been pretty early in the hardware’s life cycle, and as collaborators we often have worked together. And a lot of times you see Mario guest star in maybe a different franchise or a different game for other companies, but we realized we haven’t done that with Ubisoft.

YG: Nintendo is a reference in terms of creating the best games on the planet and Mr. Miyamoto is a person that is inventing lots of new ways to play. So for us, collaborating with Nintendo is something, for all the creators at Ubisoft, it’s the grail, I would say. So they were very excited when they saw that Mr. Miyamoto would be actually happy to work with us to create a game.

It is a great honor to be able to work in Mario’s world, and to be able to understand all the care Nintendo is putting on that character and environment. For us, we like very much Nintendo’s philosophy of bringing enjoyment to all the people that play their games, and we like the way they bring it to the market, so it’s very close our philosophy. So we saw that in working on a game together, we could really create something that would really be new for the market because of the characters, but with the same goal, which is to bring something fun with humor and that will be a strategy and really interesting to play

SM: Ubisoft is a company that really understands the Nintendo hardware and also understands the Nintendo customer and they’re a company that is able to produce products similar to what Nintendo would put out. So in that sense, I think it would be fun to be able to work on more projects like this.

YG: Nintendo always came with something [disruptive]. It’s changing the market. It’s really bringing something that will help gamers to have a better experience. It’s funny, when they came with the Wii, we were at that time making lots of research on accessibility. And when we saw Wii, it was answering exactly the question we were searching for. So we jumped on the Wii as soon as we saw the machine, because we said, ‘that’s all the answers that we were looking for.’

And what they brought with the Switch is also the mobility that doesn’t exist on console, and when we saw that, again we said, ‘those guys are geniuses and they understand what gamers want and they bring it to the market. So we have to, again, jump with the company and create new types of experiences using those capacities.

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