Sony explains how Nintendo’s Switch success is good for the entire industry


A portion of a GamesIndustry interview with Sony’s global boss of sales and marketing, Jim Ryan…

GI: Now as you look to target this broader market, doesn’t the timing of Nintendo Switch pose a potential challenge? After all, mass market appeal is Nintendo’s forte.

JR: It’s a very interesting question. To the extent that they come in, and the word ‘steal’ is a bit crude, but they take a more casually-orientated consumer, who might otherwise have been a target for PlayStation 4… obviously, viewed narrowly, that is not to our benefit. But when you look at the whole of the industry ecosystem, having a resurgent Nintendo back, and playing in a meaningful manner – I hear a lot of what they showed at E3 was really good – can only be to the benefit to the industry. And to pretty much everyone in the industry. So we will see. If it means that some of those people, the many millions of people, who got into the Wii start to come back — in many cases they have been absent for a few years — if they come back, and they go into a store looking for a Switch, I’ll have a crack at selling them a PS4.

from GoNintendo

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