Nintendo says they’ve learned from the NES Classic, talk licensing, not focusing on VR at the moment


Coming from a TechCrunch interview with Nintendo’s Doug Bowser…

On learning from the NES Classic

“We’ve learned a lot from the NES Classic. The NES Classic was originally intended to be a holiday item and obviously there was high demand. So we doubled down and continued to produce it as we went into the next quarter. But we decided we wanted to focus on other areas. So we’re not producing any more at this point. But we’ve learned a lot.”

On getting Nintendo properties infront of people through various means

“We’ve got a strategy where we want to increase the number and frequency of touch points with Nintendo properties with consumers. We’re doing that in a couple of ways. First, the console business with the Switch — through our dedicated console platform. We’re also doing our mobile business. We’re doing it through licensing agreements, such as the Vans deal or the Uniqlo deal that we did this year. And we’re doing it with out of door experiential opportunities, such as Universal Studios.”

Not focusing on VR at the moment

“There’s obviously some VR opportunity on the floor. For us, that’s not our focus right now, but we always look at opportunities and where we can take gaming experience further. But we have nothing more to announce right now.”

from GoNintendo

via Blogger


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