Capcom’s Yoshinori Ono answers truly random questions about Street Fighter


A portion of a Game Informer interview with Yoshinori Ono…

GI: How did Ken get Violent?

YO: So Ken’s relationship with his wife wasn’t going so well, and he got pretty pissed off and ended up turning violent as a character.

GI: Do you know who wins every Street Fighter tournament? Is there a canon order of who wins?

YO: So, in Street Fighter II there are eight different characters, each of which have their own story at the end of the game. So at the end of the day, when you look at each of those specific stories, each character probably thinks “Oh, I’m the champion!” in each of their minds. But when they wake up the next morning they realize none of them really are champion, but they think they should be, so they keep fighting.

GI: Do you think Ryu’s fireball is magic? Is he a wizard?

YO: No, I do not believe it’s magic. In Ultra Street Fighter II there’s a mode called Way of the Hado, which to me is like inspiration for people to learn to throw projectiles. So during the 50th anniversary, tell everyone that if you practice you’ll be able to shoot projectiles.

from GoNintendo

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