The Great Ace Attorney 2 – Case 3 details from Famitsu


– Case 3 involves an explosion at the World’s Fair that kills a gentleman taking part in an experiment
– the scientist in charge, Benjamin Dovinbow, is arrested
– takes place during the World’s Fair in London
– German scientist Benjamin Dovinbow has come to the fair to wow the crowd with a world-first piece of tech
– he shows off a special cage that will teleport the cage – and whoever’s inside – to the Crystal Tower
– when he throws the switch, there’s a massive explosion, and the man taking part in the experiment is killed
– the body (and from the shot of the victim, the cage) actually did show up at the Crystal Tower
– Chief Justice Vortex assigns Ryuu to the case, and he and Iris head out to investigat
– Ryuu and Iris run into Gina, who’s tagging along with Gregson as a detective-in-training
– at the trial, van Zieks calls a variety of witnesses, including a Bohemian boy Gotts who was visiting the World’s Fair
– the boy witnessed the experiment from a flying balloon
– the game will see the return of the “Questioning” system when there are multiple witnesses on the stand
– Susato and Ryuu have costumes designed for them by Iris as DLC
– Holmes has a self-designed “Eastern outfit” as DLC

from GoNintendo

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