Splatoon 2 – new round of details on Hero Mode


– when you go through a stage for the first time, you’ll be required to use a specific weapon
– after that, Sheldon will give specific requests for you to go through those stages with a newly-developed weapon
– Rollonium is the name for the object that you smack with your weapon to roll it out across the stage
– if you hit them just right, you can launch the Rollonium into the air
– roller has had a jump attack added to it, which lets you throw ink in a much more long-range pattern
– it looks like there are 5 different “Sectors” in Hero Mode, some with up to 10 stages each
– each sector ends with a boss battle
– once you defeat the boss, you can then retry the battle with any weapon you like
– the large missle-like enemies have a weak point in their tentacle
– with the charger, when fully charged, shots will pass through enemies and damage things behind them
– this same max charge option is available in Salmon Run
– any stage in Hero Mode can be cleared with any weapon, but some may present unique challenges
– the Slosher lets you attack with in in a unique way, by dropping it from above
– weapons can be powered-up with power eggs and sardinium
– a certain amount of each will be required to give weapons new abilities
– the Hero Shooter can be powered up to Level 3
– you can also power up your ink tank
– you can unlock different bombs as well
– other weapons you pick up can be powered-up to level 2
– you can “grind” on ink rails and push yourself forward even faster by inking the rails
– one of the bosses is called an Octo Samurai, and he fights with a giant roller
– he also rides a unicycle and will charge at you while on it
– at one point int he battle, he’ll power-up his roller and start doing a different attack, including a spin attack
– the boss battle with the Octo Samurai has three different stages

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