Yoshiaki Kozumi AMA – Super Mario Odyssey HD rumble, possession mechanic, Pauline returning & more


Coming from a Reddit AMA with Yoshiaki Koizumi…

On how the Mario possession mechanic came to be

So when we wanted to create Mario games this time around we wanted to focus on the actions Mario can do and in previous Mario games he was able to get power-ups and new abilities. But this time around when we were making many different prototypes and changed our approach that found capturing or “possessing” enemies worked well so we stuck with that.

Favorite Mario profession

Plumber Mario.

Favorite Mario posession


HD Rumble integration in Super Mario Odyssey

We’re working on lots of different HD Rumble integration, but on the showfloor players can feel the scooters rumble when you’re driving that.

On why Pauline is returning

When we were deciding which Kingdoms to have in the game, we knew we wanted the city environment, and we wanted something that would have resonance with players. We knew that players know Pauline so we of course wanted to make her the mayor of New Donk City. It’s important to note that thought they are called Kingdoms, they do not necessarily have royalty, and that’s why she’s the mayor.

The inspiration for Cappy

One of the reasons for making the hat into a character is that it gave us the opportunity to give people an attachment for somthing that’s personal for us. You can talk to and experience your journey with Cappie, similar to Na’vi in Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and making this character relatable was important to us.

from GoNintendo

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