Super Mario Odyssey – info on New Donk City, devs aiming for pure fun


– you can swing your hat in a circle, throw it in different directions and even hold down your throw button to keep it hovering
– when hovering, you can jump on top of it
– you can find Captain Toad hanging out on a girder in New Donk City
– New Donk City has a rocket ship that will take you to a platforming challenge
– you can also crawl around into the sewers and find a hidden maze
– you can fast-travel to checkpoints
– there are no lives or 1ups
– you’ll lose 10 coins when you die
– development of Super Mario Odyssey began right after Super Mario 3D World launched in the fall of 2013
– as far as multiplayer, both local and online, content was teased by not specifically confirmed
– you can’t capture every enemy
– visit shops that sell outfits and other useful items, which you can buy with one of two types of coins
– the idea of throwing that hat came from the desire to have a satisfying control scheme for motion controls

“We started the project by taking Super Mario’s theme of surprise and simply riffing on that to come up with things that were purely fun. The result of that was, the team just came up with a seemingly endless stream of fun prototypes. We wanted to use all of them, and so we thought sandbox spaces would be the best way to play all of those fun ideas.

By coming up with lots of different fun ideas and placing them all over these fun sandboxes, we were able to come up with stages of very high density gameplay elements. You’ll want to check behind every suspicious wall, jump up every cliff, kill every boss you find. Almost everything that draws the player’s attention could potentially reward them with a Power Moon.

The game is designed so you can explore and play without interruption. And no matter which Power Moons you collect, you’ll still be able to advance the story.” – director Kenta Motokura

from GoNintendo

via Blogger

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