Super Mario Odyssey – info on New Donk City and the Sand Kingdom, controls, abilities and more


– one building in New Donk City has a rooftop swimming pool
– mayor Pauline asks you to recruit a drummer for a four-piece band she’s putting together
– you can ride a scooter up scaffolding
– you can jump rope in the park
– a Power Moon is hidden at the top of New Donk’s tallest building
– the Sand Kingdom is a desert area with Mexican-influenced elements
– Power Moons fuel Mario’s hat-shaped vessel, the Odyssey
– flick the Joy-Con both upward or downward and Cappy is sent in that direction
– a coordinated shake left or right with both Joy Con sends Cappy spiraling towards enemies for added damage
– whenever Mario takes over someone/something, it grows his mustache
– Mario can transform into a wide array of animals, vehicles, objects, and enemies
– when playing as Tank Mario, you can use motion controls to aim and take fire
– taking over a Chain-Chomp can be used to demolish parts of the landscape
– by capturing a manhole cover and wriggling out of position, you can unlock a subterranean puzzle area
– the Sand Kingdom has a pixelated warp pipe, which devolves Mario back into his 8-bit self for a bit of retro platforming
– the Sand Kingdom’s Mexican-influenced elements were the result of Kenta Motokura’s vacation to Mexico
– New Donk City has round purple pennies, while the Sand Kingdom has purple triangles
– use these to buy region-specific items
– most of Mario’s new outfits are cosmetic changes, but some will allow him access to otherwise restricted areas

from GoNintendo

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