Splatoon 2 – new details on Salmon Run mode


Salmon Run

– split up into three waves
– each wave gives the team a quota of eggs to collect, as well as a time limit
– goal is to defeat enemies, causing them to drop eggs
– haul those eggs back to the basket
– if you meet your quota (and you’re still alive) when time expires, all remaining enemies retreat and you move on
– when you start out, the difficulty can be set to 5% out of a possible 100%
– heavy Salmonids have armor in the front, so you have to him them in the back
– when Inklings take too much damage in Salmon Run, they can be revived by a teammate shooting them with ink
– another boss character is a tall, slender creature that approaches from the shoreline
– this boss is made up off pots, which you have to shoot to make disappear
– another boss is a massive metal eel that rains down ink
– the eel is piloted by a Salmonid creature, which you have to take out to stop the eel
– another boss has two trashcans attached to the side of it, and it hovers over the battlefield,
– a trashcan opens and it rains down blobs of ink onto you
– you can take him out by tossing bombs into the open trashcans
– Nintendo says that 40% difficulty is the highest difficulty people on the Nintendo E3 team could beat.

from GoNintendo

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