Super Mario Odyssey – gameplay info on the Wooden Kingdom, coins, controls, and much more


– wooden kingdom is the home of the steamgardeners
– every kingdom has it’s own strange creatures
– the steamgardeners water the flowers in the wooden kingdom
– yellow coins are good everywhere, purple coins are only good in the kingdom they come from
– Mario can change the music on the radio in this kingdom and dance along
– there a Sphinx in the middle of the woods
– the Sphinx asks you a riddle, and if you answer correctly, you get access to a new area
– 100 purple coins in each kingdom
– chasing bunnies returns, and some bunnies have hats
– the sky in the game has some sort of grid/dome around it
– if you fall into a hole in the woods, you can access a new area called the Deep Woods
– Mario can take control of a tree in the Deep Woods and bounce around as it to uncover a Moon hiding underneath
– the dinosaur from the trailer can be found in the Deep Woods, wearing a cowboy hat
– the kingdoms are filled with animals that run around and react to Mario
– you can find a robot storing a seed in the Deep Woods
– these seeds can grow vines to help you reach the surface again
– plants called uproots are enemies that have stretchy legs and wear plant pots on their head
– you can hit these enemies with your hat and then gain the stretchy leg ability for Mario
– if you hit enemies with their hat, take them over and then leave them behind, they remain dizzy for awhile
– this let’s you recapture them without trouble for a limited time
– you can purchase items to decorate your Odyssey ship
– in-game signs teach you how to do moves
– there will be returning moves and new moves as well
– there is purple goop in the woods that you can splash away with your hat
– camera control with the right stick
– Mario goes transparent when you bring the camera in close
– you can throw the hat straight above you, depending on how you aim
– you need to collect a certain amount of moons to unlock the next kingdom

from GoNintendo

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