Etrian Mystery Dungeon 10th Anniversary Memorial CD – cover art, details


▼ Disc 1
1 Midori Green Nokumi (DS sound source version)
2 Iron Hawk Arranged Ends Festival (DS Sound Source Version)
3 Labyrinth V Ruinsia Sinjuk (DS sound source version)
4 Sleepless battlefield
5 Reaching out for our future (Song: Ito Kanako)
6 Labyrinth I Historic Nocturneum (PC-8801 FM Version)
7 Battlefield Hatsujin (PC-8801 FM Version)
8 Sakuranobashi Bridge (PC-8801 FM Version)
9 Labyrinth V Amano Baza (PC-8801 FM version)
10 Investigation of sword fighting echoing on the battlefield (PC-8801FM version)
11 Contraindications No Forest
12 Blood Battle Betting Mission
13 Tarumizu Nozuki (PC-8801 FM Version)
14 The end of the warring raging waves (PC-8801 FM version)
15 Chernoba forest (PC-8801 FM version)
16 Hold a sword and take pride in your heart (PC-8801 FM version)

▼ Disc 2
17 Battlefield Collision Finally Fall (PC-8801 FM Version)
18 Justice of each war (PC-8801 FM version)
19 Warfare Call that abominable name (PC-8801 FM version)
20 Labyrinth I Hekkinoshiki
21 Battlefield Gale
22 Labyrinth II Fukutono Valley
23 Battlefield Single Death on the other side
24 Earth ground IV absolute cloud zone
25 Labyrinth IV Kinemono Bunko
26 Hold my conviction on my own
27 The end of hot wind blowing up
28 battlefield twinning and swollen
29 Labyrinth V circular annulus forest
30 Battlefield grabbing tomorrow is the destination of death battle

This 2-disc set comes with preorders for Etrian Mystery Dungeon 2, including the regular and limited editions. Supplies of the CD are limited.

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