Dragon Quest XI – another round of info on Silvia and and Samahdi Kingdom, plus screens


More screens here

■ Characters


A traveling entertainer who lives a freewheeling life. He is always cheerful and positive, and is the mood maker of the party. He uses various weapons and skills that utilize the acrobatics he cultivated as a traveling entertainer. His dream is to make people around the world smile through his own performances.

In battle, Silvia utilizes his versatility as a traveling entertainer. Weapons he can equip include one-handed swords, daggers, and whips, allowing him to change how he fights depending on the situation. He can learn many spells and special skills that support his allies in various situations, making him as both an attacker and supporter.

—Whip Weapon Special Skill: “Whip of Love”
—Dagger Weapon Special Skill: “Viper Fang”
—Silvia Spell: “Oomph”
—One-Handed Sword Weapon Special Skill: “Miracle Sword”
—Acrobatic Special Skill: “Killer Juggling”
—Feminine Special Skill: “Hustle Dance”

■ World

Samadhi Kingdom, the Country of Knights

A kingdom that reigns over the desert. It is known as a historic country that values its chivalry, where many knights push themselves in training day in and day out in the castle. Above all, it is common gossip that this country’s young prince is an exceptional knight. In the town around the castle, there is a circus performance, horse races, and many people hustling and bustling about.

—Inside the castle, which is built like a temple, many knights push themselves in training, and in the town around the castle, a large crowd can be seen around the circus tent.

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