FIFA 18 Switch uses custom-built engine, runs at 60FPS


A portion of an Eurogamer interview with EA’s Andrei Lazaresco…

E: How exactly is the Nintendo Switch version of FIFA 18 different than the other versions?

Andrei Lazaresco: This is a custom-built engine for the Switch. It’s completely different than the PS4 and the Xbox One.

E: So, it’s not Frostbite.

Andrei Lazaresco: It’s not Frostbite. It’s custom-built. The whole engine is entirely new to the platform.

E: It’s not Ignite [the engine used for the last-gen version of the game]?

Andrei Lazaresco: No.

E: Does it have a fancy name?

Andrei Lazaresco: No. When we first started looking at the platform and asked what are its unique features and what can it do, we decided to build a custom version of an engine. We felt the experience we were going to build would be the best by doing that, and leveraging what is unique about the platform.

We’re using physical-based rendering. The crowds are 3D. The grass is 3D. The lighting is new. And on top of that you’ll have Ultimate Team for the first time on Nintendo – and for the first time you’ll be able to take it on the go. You’ll be able to play on a plane, on a bus, even from just a hotspot.

E: FIFA for me has to be 60 frames per second. Is it on Switch?

Andrei Lazaresco: It is, 100 per cent. Without 60 frames per second, you wouldn’t be able to enjoy the game.

Full interview here (thanks Ryan!)

from GoNintendo

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