ESHAM The Unholy Interview [2017 FLH Exclusive!]


The Godfather of the Wicked Shit: ESHAM the Unholy sits down with‘s Scottie D to talk about his new album: $cribble. ESHAM covers a variety of topics including:

– The Gathering of the Juggalos
– Other artists “Nibbling his Scribble”
– Writing $cribble as if it was the last album he’d ever record
– No longer pressing up CDs
– The Future of Reel Life Productions
– The difference between the “Wicked Shit” and the “Wackest Shit”
– Being out on the road touring again
– Signing artists to RLP
– Thoughts on the Underground drama lately
– Difference between Dichotomy and $cribble
– TONS more!

So much was covered here and you absolutely do NOT want to miss it! Much love to ESHAM, Moon, and the entire RLP staff for making this happen!

Much love goes out to Opie of PMP for bringing ESHAM to Dallas for the first time in nearly a decade!

More about ESHAM / Reel Life Productions:

Find more about Faygoluvers:

More on Doenut (Video Editing Guru):

from Faygoluvers

via Blogger


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