Dragon Quest XI – details on Silvia and Samadhi Kingdom


– has magnificent poses and seems to get instinctively entranced
– participates in battle through attacks, support, and recovery, and can equip one-handed swords, whips, and daggers
– spells:
“Oomph” – Raises an ally’s attack power. A spell useful in boss battles and such
– special skils:
“Hustle Dance” – An lively dance that restores HP to all members of the party
“Miracle Sword” – A one-handed sword skill that can recover HP while dealing damage
“Whip of Love” – A whip skill that deals great damage to multiple enemies
“Viper Fang” – A dagger skill that targets a single enemy and occasionally induces poison
– Samadhi Kingdom is a country of knights surrounded by the desert
– historic kingdom that reigns over the desert and values its chivalry
– rumored that the young prince is himself an outstanding knight
– horse races are also carried out here
– picture shows a circus tent in what is described as a castle town where people bustle about

from GoNintendo

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