The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – dev blog post on towns and interior design


The following info comes from a blog post written by Manabu Takehara, the dev handling Structural Design in Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

– various characters have different lifestyles, depending on where they live
– there’s also quite a lot of variation when it comes to house interiors
– Paya’s room design is quite homogeneous, with plum trees decorations, a hand mirror and more. It’s a pretty “feminine”, yet rather plain, room.
– Riju’s room has quite a lot of stuffed animals, similar to those you’d find in crane game machines. At the back at the room, you can find a statue related to her ancestors.
– Purah’s room has a blackboard covered in writing. It shows she’s a genius that simply cannot see what’s around her when she’s deep in concentration.
– the various diaries scattered around the game contain useful information, and even some tips
– you can even get to see signs of actual human relationships between characters
– Cado and Rola from Kakariko Village used to be together, but they’re now separated
– if you take a look at their room, you will find something similar
– Cado simply loves Cuccos, which is why there’s plenty of pictures of them on the walls
– Cado also happens to be quite skilled with a bow, which is why he displays his favorite bows on the wall
– there’s Higanbana (known as red spider lily in English) in both houses, and they are found nowhere else in the game
– Higanbana refers to Hanakotoba, which represents “Never to meet again / Lost memory / Abandonment”
– the two characters are pretty clumsy, which makes Manabu Takehara wonder if the two will ever get back together

from GoNintendo

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