The Alliance Alive – more character profiles, screens


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Princess Yuhika (Female Human, 17 years old): the head of Shiramine Castle, who was only 17 when she took the place of his father as head of the family, following his death. To this very day, she’s yet to come up to speed with being a lord. She’s described as a kind-hearted girl, full of consideration for her vassals and the citizens, determined to fight to protect them. She has a strong sense of justice, and her hard work has earned her the trust of her people.

Juza (Male Human, 70 years old): a minister who has served the castle since Princess Yuhika’s father’s days. As a matter of fact, he’s the one who served as her educator when she was but a child. He supports her in her duties, and she considers him part of her family.

Shiki (Male Human, 56 years old): an experienced samurai, who served as Holy Sword (sword master) at Shiramine Castle back was Princess Yuhika’s father was ruling. He has since retired from active duty, which happened after his daughter died in a certain battle. Nowadays, he spends his time at the bar, every single day.

Robbins (Male Penguin): he has a wide and three children. He believes he’s the one who always attracts the most attention. Seemingly fond of marlin sashimi.

Star Hierarch (Male Human, 52 years old): a religious leader, who rules over Eschtorm (located in the Crystal World). He is known as the Star Hierarch. He is the descendant of a family of prophet who speaks to the stars in order to predict the future. He has inherited the responsibilities of his ancestors.

Matilda (Female Human, 28 years old): she serves the Star Hierarch as a member of the Dragon Guard. She’s a commanding officer, and she often uses Flagflazard, her flying dragon.

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