GoNNER, Owlboy grab wins at the Nordic Game Awards


2017 Best Debut: GoNNER, Art in Heart (SE)

Jury’s motivation: The vision to create something amazing is the easy part. This gorgeous debut follows-up with the confidence and skills of seasoned veterans. Fresh visuals, fantastic sound and exceptional mechanics come together in a complete, irresistible package.

2017 Jury’s Special Mention: Owlboy, D-Pad Studio (NO)

Jury’s motivation: The jury decided to use their privilege to award a special mention, after a day of careful deliberation in this year’s Nordic Game Awards. This amazing game was nominated in several categories, and was an extremely close runner-up in the “Best Art” category. The dedication of this small team, their unrelenting love of the craft, is an inspiration to us all. The thought of getting through the 2017 award show without getting D-Pad Studio up on stage to receive the jury’s love and the love of their peers was simply inconceivable.

from GoNintendo

via Blogger http://ift.tt/2qzq75I


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