Dragon Quest XI – more details on the monster mount system


■ Monster Ride

By borrowing the unique powers of monsters, the protagonist can reach places normally limited by his own power, including climbing walls and flying in the sky. By riding monsters, you can overcome these obstacles!

—By riding a monster, you can even climb up steep cliffs that would normally block your path!
—Ride a monster to fly in places that you cannot pass through on foot!

Let’s Ride a Monster

Among the game’s monsters, there are those that you can ride. Defeat it in battle and hop aboard.

—If you challenge a monster and defeat it in battle…
—You will be able to ride the monster you defeat!

■ New Monsters are also Ridable

Bee Rider

An elite in the Ocovolt world that rides a giant bee. The skillfully combine the needle of the bee and their own lance to attack their enemies.

—Hop aboard the Bee Rider to get to the other side of the lake!

Pearl Mobile

A machine made of an unknown metal that has the radiance of a pearl. It shoots out a dangerous gas that numbs the body when it showers over it.

—Jump inside the Pearl Mobile to leap to high places!

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